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Crosslee/White Knight vent kits

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 Venting options for White Knight & Crosslee built dryers


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Rear vented dryers


  If the exhaust is coming from the rear of your dryer you need the push fit vent hose. This has approximately 1.8 metres of vent hose to allow connection to a wall vent kit or venting through an open window.



Vent hose

  Front vented dryers


  Some large dryers vent at the front plinth. These dryers need to be converted to rear venting with an internal vent conversion kit. This kit includes approximately 2 metres of hose which can connect to a wall vent or vent through an open window The hose can be pushed back into the dryer for tidy storage when not in use.



Vent conversion kit

  Wall vent kit


  The above vent hoses can be connected to this permanent vent kit. This kit contains the parts required to vent your dryer through a wall


Wall vent kit

Available here

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